About us

Hi there!

We are Andreja and Matjaž. Around six years ago we chose this little paradise on Earth, Jezersko, to become our home. Even though our decision to move here brought us many challenges along the way, it also brought numerous possibilities, opportunities and ideas. Today, we know that it was all worth it.

We have always wanted something more from life. And that »more« did not always align with climbing the corporate ladder – but it was about inward success. We wanted to build our lives based on our values: freedom, courage, soulfulness, sincerity, and integrity. We wanted to take good care of ourselves and extend the same to other human beings and our dearest Mother Earth.

Living lives on our terms to the fullest has always been our biggest goal. That also included having a positive impact on the world around us. And as much as we do not think of ourselves as something special, we are sure that with our positive actions we can make this world a little bit better and brighter place.

Where to find us?

Welcome to Jezersko!

This little Alpine piece of paradise is also known for its vast, unspoiled forests. And right at the end of the valley Ravenska Kočna, there is one of the most beautiful forests of Jezersko where you will gain a whole new perspective of this unique natural environment and experience it in a way you have never experienced before.