Spending time in nature is every human being’s basic need. Lack of contact with the natural environment can lead to various mood disorders and can seriously affect our state of health.

But first, let us make a disclaimer here: The forest bathing experience does not require swimwear – you will be able to wear your favorite outdoor clothes. The experience does, however, encourage you to immerse yourself in the forest environment and bathe all your senses in it. You also need to know that a forest bath is not a regular walk through the Forest. The essence is to be present and focused not on somewhere in the future, but “here and now”.

Scientific researchers have proved a multitude of positive effects of regular forest bathing has on our health and well-being, among them:

Forest bathing helps us cope with high blood pressure, coronary diseases, diabetes and at the same time boosts our immune system to elevate our overall quality of life.

During the forest bathing experience you are going to learn

The forest bathing experience always ends with a special tea ceremony. It helps us anchor the emotions that were evoked during this unique forest experience.