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Unplug yourself from a busy world full of distractions, and let yourself experience the Forest in a way that you have never experienced before.

Why forest?

It took us, human beings, around seven million years to develop into who we are today. Throughout the evolutionary process, people lived in a deep connection with nature. It is a fact that our bodies are adapted to the natural environment. That is why it is so important to spend as much time in nature as possible and find a way back to ourselves.


A unique forest experience for everyone!
All the activities take place in small groups as we want you to have as personal of an experience as possible.

Forest bathing

Spending time in nature is every human being’s basic need. Lack of contact with the natural environment can lead to various mood disorders and can seriously affect our state of health.

Listening to the sounds of forest

Listening to the natural sounds is a relaxing and very calming experience. It will help you enter a magical world of natural sounds and become more aware of the world/space around you.

Forest yoga

Regular yoga brings so many benefits to our body and mind. It helps us to become stronger and more flexible. It is good for our joints and overall body posture.

Where can you find us?

Welcome to Jezersko

This little Alpine piece of paradise is also known for its vast, unspoiled forests. And right at the end of the valley Ravenska Kočna, there is one of the most beautiful forests of Jezersko where you will gain a whole new perspective of this unique natural environment and experience it in a way you have never experienced before.


People still have a pretty narrow point of view of the Forest. But in reality, the Forest can offer us much more. We only have to allow it to show us all its hidden jewels and then open up our hearts and surrender ourselves to its extraordinary energies. And the science agrees. The research has shown that spending time in the Forest brings many health benefits to our overall well-being.